Summer Country
Thursday, August 05, 2004
"Now welcom somer with thy sonne softe" Chaucer

It's been some months since I have been back to summer country. However, since it's summer I will post the two latest items of news from our family. First our second born son (Tim) and The Bourne and his small but viable role in Universal movieThe Bourne Supremacy with Matt Damen. He plays the role of CIA agent, John Nevins. Here are Tim and Alicia walking the red carpet at the premiere in Hollywood, a benefit for the University of California Film school-It's taken from Since these links change often, maybe it will still be up, maybe it won't!

Anyway if you see it, watch for his name in credits and cheer! And buy the DVD when it comes out, a shameless promotion for their children's college fund!

And in the Great Good Fortune Continued department. Andy and his wife Catherine have just been informed that their adoption from China has come through and they will be traveling to China in the next few weeks to pick up thier daughter Louise Catherine Griffin (her nickname will be Lulu which is in China is a lucky name and means double dewdrop). She was born August 22, 2003.

Details on other summer activities, our most recent trips to Albuquerque and the wonderful weddings we have been attending will follow when I figure out how to post pictures to this blog. India and Aidan came in with Tim and Alicia as well as Andy and Catherine over the fourth of July weekend for the Patel wedding.
A five day celebration of events, the wedding day on the fourth of July was memorable and right out of Princess Bride. The bridegroom Michal arrived at the ceremony on a camel, the Indian wedding was on a boat the Odyssey as was the lunch that followed the ceremony and the evening reception was held at the Planetarium.(Ashlesha our Princess bride carried by her kindsmen in a canopied litter was named at birth after a big time constellation!) When Andy and Catherine come back up in August for Catherine's parents 40th anniversary party and our anniversary weekend (as well as Lulu's second birthday!) we will hopefully be able to post more current photos as he is the Griffin with the meticulous photo filing habits. Lulu's baptism will be in Saint Louis on November 21st. We'll have an early Thanksgiving dinner with the Griffins and the Keatings (Alicia is going to be Lulu's godmother and Catherine's brother Ed, will be her Godfather)

To end this post in true synchornicity. I feel I should add that my godfather was William Casey, former Directory Central Intelligence agency. I don't think he'd like to see our son playing a CIA agent being bested by Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) but I think he'd applaud the fact that Lulu was named for my mother Louise Collins who died just before my third birthday. My father Peter Collins who died three months after my birth, worked for William Casey William Casey wrote me a wonderful letter about my father. I am still of course looking for it in my personal As soon as I find that letter and also a charming letter where he once wrote "Dear Moira, thank you so much for telling me about your rabbit hatch". You can see that I was writing letters, even when I was young......................................... well of course I own the domain!

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