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Saturday, November 06, 2004
Louise Catherine Griffin has arrived! She's a beautiful child. Andy and Catherine refer to her alternatively as The Empress and Lulu. Andrew and I visited over Halloween weekend in St. Louis. We go back this month on the 21st for her baptism. Tim and Alicia and Aidan and India will be joining us as Alicia will be Lulu's godmother. Then the St. Louis Griffins come up to the
Dunes for Thanksgiving at Tim and Suzys with all the Chicago area Griffins. They'll stay through the first week in December with us as Catherine's sister Mary Claire's son Gavin, born in October will be baptised in Chicago on the first Saturday in December. We'll be down in St. Louis for Christmas as Catherine and Andy's baby daughter is due the second week in January so they won't be traveling after the Thanksgiving week visit.

Tim and Alicia and their kids visited us in Albuquerque for balloonfest. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed having them see Casa Griffin for the first time. Hopefully we'll post a few pictures soon. we'd like to include their Halloween shots. The West coast Griffins hosted a successful Halloween party. India went as a pumpkin and Aidan as Harry Potter. Tim usually sends us wonderful photos via his cell phone! They visited with us in Chicago for the Patel/Layland wedding over the July 4th weekend.Andy and Catherine came up as well for one of the most beautiful weddings we have seen (the bridegroom came on an elephant,the bride was indeed a princess bride, the wedding was on a boat, the wedding brunch was on Lake Michigan and the evening reception was at the Planetarium. And that was only half of the parties! (a henna party, another dinner dance and a bar-b-que in Grant Park) All the grandchildren were welcome so it was a very special few days together.

Andrew is traveling a lot this November. He just came back from a visit with his brother Peter to the Griff-Driscoll spreads in Texas stopping for a couple of nights in Albuquerque. He leave this week for a reunion in Jacksonville with about ll of his Notre Dame friends. In December
we'll both travel back to Albuquerque where I'll celebrate my birthday a week early.

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