Summer Country
Saturday, February 05, 2005
Today is Andy's birthday. We drove down to St. Louis last weekend to meet Margaret Clare Griffin (Meg) and celebrate a week early with Catherine's fabulous cake. Lulu (Louise Catherine Griffin) had a great time at her swimming class with her Dad and Poppa. Catherine got to take her first walk while Momo stayed with Meg. Before we left we had a lovely walk at the Saint Louis Botanical Garden one of our favorite places to visit.

Last night Tim was on NBC's Medical Investigation. The episode was called Mousetrap for all of you who have Tivo and want to see it when it next airs. Coming up a guest lead on 24, we think it's the 13th episode. Here is his email to family:

Aidan and India Griffin College Fund Update
Hey Everybody! First, big thanks to all of who went to see "Bourne Supremacy" and/or bought the DVD. Because of the film's success, I have informed Aidan and India that they can expand their choices to include now both Junior AND Community Colleges! (We'll look into four year Universities after they sell the network rights). For any who want to see me catch the plague (yes, the plague), tune into NBC Friday, February 4th at 10p.m. (9 central) on "Medical Investigation." It's some pretty gruesome and intense stuff, so maybe shelter the kiddies. I won't give anything away, but the episode is called "mousetrap." Surprise ending. Try to solve the mystery. Also, some of you may have heard that I just finished filming "24" on Fox. It is a great show that will really hook you. This season is particularly intense. Lots of fun to shoot. Should air sometime in March. I'll keep you all posted. Happy 2005 from Tim, Alicia, Aidan and India!!! P.S. Congrats to all the new parents in the family!!! (Including big brother Andy!) P.P.S. Website with family pics to follow soon!

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