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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

West Coast Griffins Posted by Hello
Picture from Saint Louis is now a couple of months old. We just got back from Albuquerque, where Andy and Catherine and the girls, and Lulu's godfather Ed Keating visited us to celebrate Andrew's birthday weekend at a birthday dinner with the Bracketts and the Johnsons at Casa Griffin. We are sorry we were unable to alert everyone to Tim's latest appearance (on 24) here is his email to the family telling us about the show, which aired around the equinox:

Hey everybody, Just a heads up for anyone who cares, tomorrow night (Monday March 21st) is my swan song as Agent Baron on "24." As you may have figured out from last weeks trailer, things are (once again) going to go horribly wrong for Keifer and the rest of us "good guys" fighting those nasty terrorists. Be warned, some intense stuff that may not be cool for the young-uns. (I promise to do a sit-com next) However, for the rest of you who enjoy seeing your friend/relative/barely-know-the-guy suffer extreme misfortune, by all means...enjoy! Thanks again for watching! (or if you will not be tuning in because you simply cannot bear to miss another riveting "Dateline with Stone Phillips," then...I pity you) East and West Coast starts at 9:00pm. Chicago's show starts at 8:00pm. Either way check your local listings because I am totally unreliable as a TV Guide. Hope everyone is having a super 2005! Much Love, Tim

Poppa and Momo with Lulu and Meg Posted by Hello

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